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3 Types of Champagne Glasses to Know and Love

3 Types of Champagne Glasses to Know and Love

Sparkling wine is a synonym for celebrations and memorable occasions. Bubbles can turn any reunion into a party. And although most of us pop open a bottle of fizz to commemorate something, the wine style is incredibly compatible with food and is a lovely everyday wine. 

Sparkling wine, though, is not like any other wine. It is effervescent, meaning we must serve it and treat it differently from other wine styles. The most significant difference? The wine glasses. Let’s talk about the best champagne glasses, including the famous Champagne flute, coupe, and tulip, closing with a review of the Grassl Glass Champagne Glass

Just like we serve red wine in big wine glasses to make its aromas easier to pick up, we serve sparkling wine in stemware that brings forward its traits. 

When serving sparkling wine, you must preserve two things: the wine’s bubbles and its temperature. The smaller the wine glass bowl, the smaller the pour needed to fill it. Short pours guarantee that the wine doesn’t get too warm.

As for the bubbles, elongated wine glasses best display those fine bubble streams. The best Champagne glasses consider these two factors, keeping the wine cold and the bubbles fizzy. 

The Coupe Glass, Flute, and Tulip

The famous coupe is a shallow, stemmed glassware said to be inspired by Marie Antoinette’s breast, although that’s probably not true. What we can’t deny is that these glasses look elegant. So, are coupe glasses suitable for serving Champagne? Sadly, this glass’s shallow bowl and wide surface make sparkling wine’s fizz dissipate quickly, and no one likes flat sparkling wine.

So, what about flute glasses?

Flute glasses are the standard for serving sparkling wine, but that’s changing fast. The slim stemware is designed to feature the wine’s bubble streams, and it does so very well, but fine sparkling wine is more than effervescence; the wine offers aromas, too, and you just can’t enjoy them from a flute glass.

Tulip glasses, inspired by the stylish flower, have a flared body and a wider mouth. These allow wine tasters to enjoy the wine’s aroma and swirl it, making it more expressive. These glasses also have the right height to enable the bubble streams to shine. Currently, tulip glasses are preferred for Champagne and other fine sparkling wines over flutes and coupe glasses, and it’s easy to see why — they have the best of both. 

Grassl Champagne | Elemental Series

Although there are several high-quality tulip glasses for Champagne, one of the most stylish and efficient is the Grassl Champagne Glass, from the artisan producer’s Elemental Series collection

The tulip-shaped wine glass has a 310 ml capacity, a 210mm height, and a 90mm width. The opening is one of the most notable features in Grassl Champagne glass, with 60mm. 

This extraordinary piece is made artisanally with non-lead crystal, mouth-blown to perfection, and resistant enough to be dishwasher-safe. Grassl Champagne is perfect for enjoying sparkling wine, but it is also suitable for serving dessert wine; isn’t that convenient?

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