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Free shipping on all orders above $250!
Why You Should Buy Mouth-Blown Wine Glasses

Why You Should Buy Mouth-Blown Wine Glasses

Wine glasses and wine are two sides of the same coin. You can’t enjoy wine without the other. Having said that, there are as many types of wine glasses as wine styles, so it’s easy to see why pairing the right wine with the proper glass is paramount. 

There are two main categories of wine glasses: industrially made wine glasses, usually made with glass or cheap crystal, and fine stemware made artisanally with high-quality materials. It is the latter that brings the most joy when tasting wine; the reason you should buy mouth-blown wine glasses instead of ordinary ones. 

hand blown wine glass

Grassl Glass is one of the few stemware companies specializing in hand-blown wine glasses. You can tell these are of a higher quality based on the appearance alone, but once you hold them, you can appreciate the time and arduous work behind each piece.

Mouth-blown glass is thinner and more lightweight than machine-made stemware, which makes tasting wine in one of these glasses more pleasing. 

Thinner crystal makes the glasses lighter and clearer, allowing you to appreciate the wine’s color better. The best part is taking a sip from such a thin cold-cut rim in an authentic multi-sensorial experience. 

Why Is Mouth-Blown Crystal More Expensive?

When talking about mouth-blown wine glasses, we’re referring to handmade pieces shaped and detailed by true craftsmen with years of experience. You can’t rush these things. Every wine glass takes time, and time is money.

On the other hand, fine glassware is made with the purest materials, which also adds to the final cost. Still, hand-blown stemware is always a wise investment, especially for wine lovers. Purchase the proper stemware once and enjoy infinite bottles of wine, knowing you’re making the most out of them. 

Machine-blown glassware is cheaper, yes, but it’s also thicker, and it’s not always crystal clear. These pieces might be suitable for large operations, such as catering services, but they may not ideal for wine enthusiasts or fine dining restaurants. 

Although glass stemware is the most common, since it is cheaper, crystal stemware is the norm for serving fine wine. Hybrid glassware also exists, and although it’s between glass and crystal stemware in terms of price and quality, the price difference is rarely significant — get mouth-blown glassware instead!

The Bottom Line? Hand-blown glassware is the easiest way of making your wine tastings more exciting. Thin crystal is much more elegant, and it really makes the wine taste better in terms of aroma and flavor while keeping your wine at the right temperature.

Whats The Best Part About Grassl Glass? 

Today, you can buy wine glasses online knowing that your pieces will arrive intact, and that’s a game-changer. Wine glasses are fragile, yes, but logistics nowadays, along with insurance, guarantee safe handling, from the wine glass manufacturer to wholesalers, retailers, and their final destination — your home. 

Grassl is not the only hand-blown wine glass manufacturer, but it is one of the few easily available online. The company’s multiple stemware makes it easy to build a collection to suit your every need, so don’t wait! Let’s enjoy wine properly. 

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