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Best Foods to Pair with Wine

Food and wine are two sides of the same coin — they’re more enjoyable together. Just as not all food combinations are successful, not all wine and food pairings work as well.

What Are The Best Foods to Pair Wine With?

That depends on your taste! Let’s discuss how to make the most of your Grassl wine glass collection. After all, the wine glass also plays a role. Nice wine glasses call for a nice meal.

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Different wines and food can go well with each other in two ways. They can complement or be so different that they create a pleasing contrast. Complementary and contrasting pairings are the most common, and expert sommeliers use them in high-end restaurants. 

Complementary pairings occur when both the wine and food share traits. Examples include creamy Chardonnay with creamy pasta, peppery Syrah with steak au poivre, and earthy Pinot noir with a mushroom sauce. 

Contrasting pairings rely on the wine’s acidity to create an attractive contrast. This is why we add vinegar-based dressings to salads and lemon juice to seafood. Tart wine, including most dry white wines, rosés, and sparkling wines are acidic; they contrast with rich and fatty foods, like shellfish and pâté. 

What are the best wines for snacks? Wine is more than memorable long-tablecloth dinner parties. Wine is an easy sipper; you can enjoy it with finger food and snacks. In this case, pair wine not with the food but with the occasion. You’ll look silly popping open an expensive Grand Cru for a grilling party, just like a Merlot-in-a-box has no place at the table. Inexpensive wines are just as delicious when served at the right time, to the right people. 

Cheese and Wine Combinations

Cheese and Wine Pairings

Although there’s a type of wine for every food, cheese and wine are exceptionally compatible. There are as many types of cheese as there are of wine. There’s a cheese for every wine. Like big stemware are the best glasses for red wine, robust cheese pairs best with the boldest wine styles.

Pair structured red wine with hard cheese, medium-bodied wine with semi-hard cheese, and leave fresh and curd cheese for crisp white wines. That’s a reliable strategy!

Choose the Right Wine, Every Time

If you’re putting together a dinner party for friends and family, consider the following:

  • How experienced are your guests when it comes to wine?
  • How formal will the event be?
  • How many courses will you serve? Do you want to serve different wines for each?
  • How memorable is the occasion? Is it a celebration?
  • What’s for dinner?

Tip: There’s no such thing as a perfect pairing. We all like different wines and food; no combination is universally pleasing. Experiment a little and get creative! That’s the secret behind every successful food and wine pairing. 

Your Wine Drinking Experience

Pairing your favorite foods with the right wine can enhance your drinking experience, especially if you take care of the details, from the wine’s temperature to the proper wine glasses. CJF Grassl Wine Glass Collection has a wine glass for every wine style; therefore, for every pairing!

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