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Why Do the Wine Glass Height & Stem Matter?

Why Do the Wine Glass Height & Stem Matter?

If you’re into wine, you’ve seen all types of stemware, from stemless wineglasses to big pieces used by professional sommeliers. The wine glass size and shape are crucial factors to consider when finding the best wine glasses to add to your collection.

Choosing The Best Wine Glasses

Zalto wine glass, Grassl wine glass, and other high-end stemware companies go to great lengths to guarantee their pieces add to your wine experience, and the design is one of the most important considerations. Let’s talk about the best glasses for red wine, white wine, and other specialties. 

Stem Vs. Stemless

When selecting wine glasses, there are many options of stems and heights to choose from. Sure, stemless wine glasses are in vogue, and they’re perfect for a casual glass of wine, but for any other occasion, especially around the table, you want stemmed wine glasses, and you want them to be of the right height.

The purpose of a stem is to allow the wine drinker to swirl the wine, effectively making it more fragrant. The wine’s aromatic molecules volatilize with every swift movement. The stem also prevents one from heating the wine with our warmth and avoids smudging the shiny crystal with sweaty hands. By the way, not all stems are the same, either. Some wine glasses have long stems, while others have short ones. 

When it comes to the stem’s length, there’s no significant difference. Which are better, short or long stems? One might feel right for you more than the other. Low-quality wine glasses, usually made with glass and not crystal, have shorter, sturdier stems and are not always pleasant to hold. The longer the stem, the nicer to the touch, and the prettier the glassware look at the table. The stem also contributes to the wine glass’s height. 

Why does the height of the wine glass matter? 

Taller wine glasses are more elegant and allow for more efficient wine service. It’s always easier to pour wine into taller glasses. 230 mm tall is the sweet spot for high-quality stemware for red and white wine glasses. With the proper height, wine glasses look good and are manageable and well-balanced. If the stemware is made of crystal and is hand-blown, even better! Light, tall and thin wine glasses are unbeatable. 

Amongst the best designs, a Zalto wine glass, Grassl wine glass, or other premium stemware will consistently deliver. So, now you know — the height and stem of a wine glass matter. 

We’re living in a golden era for wine in general, which also applies to wine glasses. Enjoying wine shouldn’t be complicated. Most importantly, share your passion for wine with your loved ones. Wine is best enjoyed with like-minded wine enthusiasts, so ensure you have enough stemware to entertain a large party. Wine brings people together, so let’s enjoy it properly – with the right stemware. 

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