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Tips to Clean Your Grassl Wine Glasses

Tips to Clean Your Grassl Wine Glasses

Crystal wine glasses have become the norm for every wine lover, experienced or not. Crystal stemware is often as beautiful as it is effective in elevating your wine experience. 

Of course, crystal glasses are delicate pieces, and they’re not particularly

voyage wine glass carrying vase

inexpensive. This means you must take great care of your stemware. A wine glass carrying case is necessary; browse our Grassl’s Voyage Travel Case to see what we mean. Still, keeping wine glasses safe is not the same as keeping them clean. 

How Do You Clean Wine Glasses? 

A few tips can help you keep your Grassl wine glass collection pristine.  The first thing you need to do to keep your Grassl glass in good shape is clean them after every use, and we mean immediately, not the following day. 

If left sitting overnight, wine can stain your glasses. Rinse with warm water and a drop of odorless dish soap immediately after your guests depart. Cleaning products and substances should be your last option.

Perhaps it’s too late, and you already have stained wine glasses, whether they have dried-up wine or they have accumulated hard water stains. 

In either case, you need acid to eliminate the stain; by acid, we mean vinegar. Cleaning stained glassware with a combination of water and vinegar removes even stubborn stains. Once you’re done, rinse without soap, air dry, and polish your spotless stemware. 

Is your Grassl Wine Glass Dish Washer Safety?

Not every wine glass is dishwasher safe. Our Grassl wine glass collection is dishwasher safe, but you can always wash stemware by hand if you feel more comfortable. 

dishwasher safe grassl glassware

If washing in the machine, ensure there are no other dishes or glassware in the dishwasher, and play it safe with your most gentle warm-water cycle. Always read your stemware manufacturer’s instructions and safety tips. Unless you manage a wine bar, washing a few wine glasses by hand is no big deal. Use just a few drops of odorless soap and warm water.

Hand Dry Or Air Dry Your Grassl Wine Glass?

For high-quality crystal stemware, like Grassl glass, air dry and polish immediately. Hand-drying might be faster, but it is risky. Yes, crystal glasses are more resistant than they seem, but you’ll crack at least one in your life if you hand dry them with a kitchen cloth. 

Besides, wine glasses are designed to capture scents, and glasses with a characteristically unpleasant kitchen towel smell are not fun. Now that you know how to clean your stemware, let’s talk about how to carry it around. 

As a final note, ensure you protect stemware with the right equipment. Keep your stemware safe by purchasing a Grassl Voyage Travel Case and forget about cracked stems and chipped rims. Take care of your stemware, and it will take care of you.

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