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Free shipping on all orders above $250!
Free shipping on all orders above $250!

About Us: The Top Wine Glass Supplier In The US


CJF Selections is owned by Chris Freemott, who during the day is the Vice President of Business Development for HomePace and father to two wonderful kids. CJF Selections is a company formed as a way to teach his kids a touch of capitalism and to share his passion for fine food and wine by selling the best wine glasses available in the world at unrivaled prices with world-class customer service. 


The idea behind Grassl Glass is to “bring out the best” by providing the wine with a large surface area to breath and a small opening to capture its aroma. Industry experts noted the importance of a focused nose and our balanced stem design. In November 2018, the first prototypes were produced and marked the start of glass comparison testing. Tastings and critical meetings were conducted amongst Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Poemont, Castella y Leon, Loire Valley, Alsace, and Champagne with industry experts.

Feedback was used to further refine the shapes you see today. The “Vigneron Series” marks the introduction of our reference stemware to the industry. Its ability to showcase the best in wines ranging from different regions/appellations and grape varietals has drawn widespread critical acclaim and a following around the world.

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