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dinner table set with two grassl wine glasses and a grassl decanter filled with wine

Elevate Your Wine Drinking Experience With The Right Glassware

Wine brings people together, and for a moment, it can make all your problems go away. Wine is about friends, family and good times. No other drink has such charm and amiability. 

For the best experience, though, there are plenty of ways to make your get-togethers around a bottle of wine more enjoyable. Good company, for starters, is a must, but other than that, the sky’s the limit. Here are four great ways of elevating your wine-drinking experience at home.  

1. Choose the Right Wine 

Choosing wine for your dinner parties and wine club assemblies is paramount, and there are many ways to approach this.

wall filled of variety of wines

We’ll talk about the food later, so why not start with pairing wine with the weather? If you’re a wine lover, you’ll agree all wines are delicious, but they all taste better in the right conditions. 

For dining al fresco and outdoor reunions, go for crisp whites, mineral rosé, sparkling wine, and light fruity reds. For colder nights and intimate gatherings by the fire, go for full-bodied reds and buttery whites. Your guests will appreciate the selection. 

2. Pair With the Right Food

Food and wine are two sides of the same coin. The combination is more significant than the sum of its parts. Light white wines will go great with light dishes like sushi, sashimi, carpaccio, tartar, scallops, salads, and fresh cheese. 

wine and steak food pairing on cutting board

Full-bodied whites like an oaky Chardonnay works wonders with buttered seafood, salmon, creamy sauces, and fried finger food. 

Light-bodied red wines like Pinot Noir and the French Beaujolais are gorgeous with oily fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel, but will also shine with mushroom dishes and stir-fries. 

Full-bodied reds, like Cabernet, the spicy Shiraz, and Argentine Malbec, are delicious with grilled foods, red meat, steak, and burgers.

Remember, for wine pairings there are no rules, only guidelines, so feel free to experiment! 

3. Pick the Right Wine Glass

Wine looks better in a proper wine glass, but it also tastes better. We recommend using the right wine glass for each wine; it makes wonders.

For crisp white wines, rosé and bubbles, use a Grassl Liberté, which will capture all the delicate flavors of flowers, white fruit and citrus nicely.

grassl wine glass

For towering reds, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux Blends and Italian reds, the elegant Grassl 1855 is ideal, as it allows for the aromas to concentrate and the tannic structure to develop.

If you’re planning on serving elegant Pino and high-end Chardonnay, then definitely check out Grassl Cru stemware, which has a wide bowl perfect for bringing forward the decadent Burgundian aroma of these noble grapes. 

4. Aerate With a Good Decanter

A proper decanter, like the classic-shaped Grassl Decanter. It’s handmade, elegant, and light.

grassl wine decanter

Decanters are great conversation starters and become the focal point of any dinner party. They’re also very handy.

Well-aged wines will evolve handsomely in your decanter, and all the flavors and aromas will unfold. If there’s some sediment in the bottle, decanting the wine will take care of that too.

Young wines, both red and white, can also enjoy a last-minute decanting. All the flavors pop up, and the wine becomes instantly more approachable. 

How Do You Make Wine More Enjoyable?

We’d love to know how you set your ambiance, what food you serve for your guests, and even what playlist you set up for your wine dinners. Share your secrets; we know you’re a great host!


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