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How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

If you’re a wine lover, you’re surely fond of your glassware collection—even if it’s only a few red and white wine glasses. Stemware makes drinking wine more enjoyable, and the right kind can elevate your tasting experience. Of course, glassware is one of the things you’re most worried about when moving. This is crystal, after all! It must be handled with care.

Knowing how to pack wine glasses for moving is a skill you might not need often, but it will save your stemware’s life when the time for moving somewhere else comes. Here are our top tips for packing wine glasses for your next big move.

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Packing Glass When Moving

Packing wine glasses has its challenges. After all, stemware is delicate. Unlike most other items in your home, you can’t just throw crystal wine glasses into a box and call it a day. For glassware to withstand a long trip, you must package it right.

In this short guide, we’ll walk you through the ideal packaging materials for stemware—a step-by-step guide to packing wine glasses and a few handy tips to ensure your crystal collection arrives safe and sound at its final destination. Of course, there’s more than one way to pack delicate materials like this, so you can get creative!

moving box packed with glasses

Packing Materials

Here's a handy list of packing materials for glassware. You might only need some of the items on the list, but they’re a good starting point.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap uses trapped air to protect anything wrapped in it. However, glass and crystal don’t play well with plastic, as inevitable friction is caused when they rub together. Place a tissue, a newspaper sheet, or a light cloth between the glass and the bubble wrap to prevent rubbing.


Old clothes such as sweatshirts and socks make excellent packaging materials for glassware, especially to fill the empty space inside a box.


Cardboard can help you stiffen the contents of a box, preventing the packed glassware from moving around.


Newspaper or craft paper is lightweight but rigid enough to protect your glassware; wrap each piece tightly with several paper layers before placing it inside a box.

fragile label on moving box

Step-by-Step: How to Pack Wine Glasses

Here’s a step-by-step guide to packing wine glasses safely.

  1. Wrap your glassware with the first layer of newspaper, ensuring it fits the shape of the wine glass. Use tape to secure the newspaper.
  2. Gently wrap the covered glassware with a layer of bubble wrap. Keep some bubble wrap sticking out over and under the glassware for added protection.
  3. Place the wrapped glassware in a padded box—using cardboard to divide the box into sections—and fill the space with clothes or packing foam.
  4. Close the box, seal it, and label it with a large “fragile” sign. Keep the box separate from other boxes while packing, and transport it with the last batch of items.
woman packing moving box in kitchen

    Tips for Packing Wine Glasses & Other Glassware

    Let’s wrap this one up with our most valuable tips for packing wine glasses for moving.

    • Old newspaper is your friend: Newspaper is a lightweight, inexpensive packing material that will keep your glassware safe without scratching it.
    • Pack by layering: Several layers of distinct materials will protect your glassware more than several layers of any material.
    • Pad the empty space: Ensure the area around the glassware is padded with bubble wrap or clothes.
    • Label appropriately: Label your packed wine glasses to ensure everyone knows what’s inside. This won’t only help you know where your glassware is while unpacking, but it will also ensure everyone handles that box with care.
    • Use the original box: When possible, store your glassware in its original box—it’s designed to protect it appropriately!
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