CJF Selections, LLC is owned by Chris Freemott, who during the day is the Director of Business Development for Unison, LLC and father to two wonderful kids. CJF Selections is a company formed as a way to teach his kids a touch of capitalism and to share his passion for fine food and wine by selling the best wine glasses available in the world at unrivaled prices with world-class customer service.





All of our glasses are crafted from lead-free crystal. The Grassl glass is processed in such a way, that they are balanced- light and durable. Multiple heating and cooling cycles, coupled with tempering the mouth will provide you the highest quality of glass.

It requires 5 artisans to create a mouth-blown grassl glass. Each production step requires years of apprenticeship before deemed as experienced enough to create these glasses.

The Grassl glass quality checks are meticulous. Only the best stems will make it into the customer's hands. All glasses that do not pass our inspections are 100% recyclable without a loss in purity and quality.



Zalto glasses are mouth-blown wine glasses that are always lead-free and dishwasher-safe. The Zalto collection, are luxury stemware. Each Zalto glass is distinguished from other wine glasses. Executed to perfection, glasses seem delicate to hold, yet are designed for that. The Zalto glassware is functioning art.