A Note From The Creator Of Grassl Grassl

CJF Selections is proud to present Grassl Glass, luxury stemware mouth-blown and Swiss designed. Below is a note from the founder, Alexander Mackh.

Dear Reader and Fellow Wine Enthusiast,

This newsletter marks the introduction of a new series covering the ideas and origins behind Grassl Glass. You will gain deeper insights about the project, the development process, regions we have visited and enthusiasts’ stories from around the world. 

My name is Alexander Mackh and I’m the founder and creator of Grassl Glass. Hospitality and gastronomy runs in my family and to honour our tradition, I’ve attended a Swiss hospitality management university. This enabled me to serve as Chief Operating Officer at Hotel Marietta, Obertauern between 2015 and 2018. Throughout these years I’ve found my passion for the finer and grower wine industry. I’ve written extensively about my experiences on Instagram, known as Alpine Cellar. The core mission of the Alpine Cellar project is to establish a wine portfolio and highlighting family run wineries, focusing on terror, classic varietals/styles, and sustainable production. 

When the Alpine Cellar following started to grow, I dedicated more time studying the nuances of glassware and became fascinated with the endless possibilities in tastes that certain shapes invoked. When recognising these taste patterns, an idea was born to form a new kind of glass. A glass shaped by feedback of winemakers, oenologist, professionals and enthusiasts alike. This feedback was brought together to form Grassl Glass.

The idea behind Grassl Glass is to “bring out the best” by providing the wine with a large surface area to breath and a small opening to capture its aroma. Industry experts noted the importance of a focused nose and our balanced stem design.  In November 2018, the first prototypes were produced and marked the start of glass comparison testing across Europe. Tastings and critical meetings were conducted amongst Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Poemont, Castella y Leon, Loire Valley, Alsace, and Champagne with industry experts.

Feedback was used to further refine the shapes you see today. The “Vigneron Series” marks the introduction of our reference stemware to the industry. Its ability to showcase the best in wines ranging from different regions/appellations and grape varietals has drawn widespread critical acclaim and a following around the world.


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