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From humble beginnings, CJF Selections has been fortunate enough to bring the United States a legitimate "new player" into the mouth-blown glass segment. Grassl Glass is a glass shaped by feedback of winemakers, oenologist, professionals and enthusiasts alike. Compelling, affordable, elegant, and most critically, functional.

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Grassl Liberté - The Most Gorgeous Glass!

I originally had a Zalto glass but it shattered. These glasses feel delicate, luxurious and indulgent. I take great pleasure from drinking my wine from these glasses and really feel like it tastes better from them.

S. Sears

Grassl Mineralité - Light & fantastic

Light and fantastic. These glasses are perfection in stemware. The feel is amazing. They say dishwasher safe, but I don’t put wine glasses in a dishwasher. A must own set of wine glasses.

L Snider

Grassl Cru - Best Glassware On The Market

Amazing glass stems. Hand made and hand blown. Tested against Zalto and these out performed them in almost every way and at a fraction of the cost! I now own 8 of these stems.

Daniel U

Grassl 1855 - Quality Quality Quality

I like that it is high quality for a decent price. You definitely get a full experience when using a right glass, especially with wines that are up there in price. If you are going to do it, do it right!

Author's name

Grassl Mineralité - Amazing Glass!!!

We drink a lot of Riesling and love acidic wines. Wanted to try this against our current go-to glasses, the Zalto White, and this glass is the clear winner. In fact, it’s not even close. WOW what focus.


Grassl Liberté - Special!

Always searching for the true universal glass for my go to. The Grassl Liberte succeeds where the Zalto Universal and Gabriel Gold have let me down. You're giving up nothing and have more money left over...!

Brad A.

Grassl Cru - Great Glassware

Lovely glass.... been looking for something similar to the Zalto Burgundy but smaller. The Grassl Cru is the solution! Just as light, just as elegant, but the bowl is smaller, and the focus on the nose is ideal.

Amazon Customer

Grassl 1855 - Amazon Customer Service

Drinking out of these crystal wine glasses literally takes your wine experience to a whole new dimension! The crystal is beyond thin but to me its stronger than a normal wine glass.

Dave. C


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